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Black Car Service

City Trans is a well-known black car service in Los Angeles and is honored to have driven numerous happy customers throughout the beautiful city. Our objective is to transport our cherished clients to their destinations safely. The drivers are very accommodating, courteous, trustworthy, and pleasant. We strive to excel above all others. Our black car service provides uncommon comfort and elegance among other forms of transportation. All of our cars are the latest and in excellent condition. Our chauffeurs are skilled experts with a reputation for giving exceptional service. This can make a difference if you attempt to impress clients or have a special night on the town!


We want to make using our luxury chauffeur service as effortless as possible. We pick you up and drop you off where you like, and to make things even more straightforward, we provide a range of payment alternatives. If you're attempting to move about Los Angeles quickly, especially if you need to get to LAX, this can save you time and aggravation. You can indeed receive the best service available in that market, whether it's a corporate group trip in one of our spacious Corporate Buses or an early morning ride in one of our opulent Sedans.

What You Will Get From This Service

Given the escalating expenses of the ride-share economy and, in particular, considering all the benefits a black car service offers, limousine services may be more affordable than other types of transportation. Call 310-313-3555 or send an email to info@lacitylimo.com to learn more about our LA Black Car Services, as well as to inquire about availability and current promotions.


City Trans offers high-quality chauffeured services with an extensive fleet collection of luxurious vehicles. We are actively providing 24*7 black car service in your area.