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Chauffeur Service

We are Los Angeles' top provider of executive car service for trips to the airport, business meetings, social gatherings with friends, and other special occasions. Our experienced and trustworthy limo chauffeurs are professionals. They are consistently on time because they are accustomed to the Los Angeles traffic. We have the largest selection of sedans and SUVs in Los Angeles, so you can always find a car for your planned event.

Our dedication to high-quality service and unmatched attention to detail has helped us build a loyal and long-lasting clientele. Our chauffeurs are not just professionals; it is our life's work and passion. We are on time, dressed appropriately, and familiar with the roads that connect us all. Additionally, we have the most excellent automobiles available, each completely furnished to make your journey a delight at every turn. When you work with us, you will value our quality, attention to detail, and genuine focus on excellence.


What You Will Get From This Service

Our executive limousine specialists tirelessly verify and monitor every reservation behind the scenes to ensure you always have a stress-free ride. You have our full attention from when we receive your reservation until you are dropped off. Our staff has access to the most up-to-date transportation technology solutions, which enable us to follow your reservation and even alert the business administrator when the passenger is in the vehicle.


City Trans offers high-quality chauffeured services with an extensive fleet collection of luxurious vehicles. We are actively providing 24*7 black car service in your area.